Sports for Juvenile Justices

Getting youth off the sidelines and back in the right direction.

The Cause

The Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Family Court, DHS, Northeast Treatment Centers and VisionQuest, wanted to collaborate on a program that places juvenile offenders into various sports focused programs that suite them. The program draws upon the knowledge that sports positively impact youth development and can create an environment where adjudicated youth are less likely to reoffend. But, with so many organizations involved, grant money to allocate, and no clear system of communication in place, the program dubbed “Sports for Juvenile Justices” needed some serious help getting off the ground.

Our Design

CustomED jumped right in, coordinating the fledgling program and providing support that included everything from grant fund allocation to weekly reporting. In addition, CustomED acted as a liaison between organizations, ensuring each partner could focus specially on their role knowing communication and coordination would continue to be seamless.

The Solution

The result? At-risk youths were able to gain access to mentors, benefit from positive peer affiliations, adhere to a structured environment and, ultimately, avoid further contact with the juvenile justice system. Overall, the Sports for Juvenile Justices effort was launched seamlessly and took a big step forward in realizing its ultimate vision.