Career Launch Workshop

Bridging the gap between education and vocation.

The Cause

New Futures D.C. provides a program of scholarships, career education services, and support to low-income DC-area young people pursuing educational opportunities toward fulfilling careers. In doing so, they hope to empower youth by bridging the gaps that exist in education and the workforce. But upon graduating or the completion of each student’s respective experience, New Futures D.C. knew its graduates could benefit from one last guiding nudge in the right direction.

Our Design

Following a similar format from previous workshops CustomED created for New Futures, the “Career Launch Workshop” was also an 8-hour, intensive, live, event. Focused on practicality, the experience was built to provide graduates with some closing “real world” lessons. Graduates learn how to create an elevator pitch and a LinkedIn profile, gain interview experience, explore different career paths and engage in a real-life job simulation.

The Solution

Following in the footsteps of the Preparing for Success Workshop the Career Launch Workshop was a raving success. Ultimately, graduates walked away with a much better idea of what to do with their new-found experience with tools and tips acquired from the workshop. CustomED is thankful to have played a role in an organization who makes sure young people don’t slip through the cracks.
  • It’s a great experience to practice interviewing someone. It gives you an understanding of what they could be looking for.Matt Slomka, New Futures D.C. Graduate
  • I learned how critical it is to have a genuine and clean online personal brand.Ashley Peralta, New Futures D.C. Graduate
  • All the activities were great and helpful to develop our skill.Freddy Caceres, New Futures D.C. Graduate