Preparing for Success Workshop

Training Students to Prepare for the real World

The Cause

New Futures D.C. provides a program of scholarships, career education services, and support to low-income DC-area young people pursuing educational opportunities toward fulfilling careers. In doing so, they hope to empower youth by bridging the gaps that exist in education and the workforce. But even with a new scholarship and a tentative idea of where they are headed, New Futures knows that many students could benefit from a little more guidance to get the ball rolling.

Our Design

CustomED crafted an 8-hour, intensive, live event aimed at students that had recently received scholarships and were preparing for entry into post-secondary education. Dubbed the “Preparing for Success Workshop,” the event essentially gets things off on the right foot for New Futures students. Relying on direct instruction, group formation, collaborative workshops, multiple activities and even personal surveys – the workshop serves to gives students a better understanding of who they are and what their plan will be moving forward.

The Solution

The Preparing for Success Workshop was a resounding success. Participants became more self-aware and confident in their own priorities and left the experience with organizational tools they’ll call upon to succeed in the future as well as a more formulated plan. New Futures goal has always been to have long-lasting impact on the young people they support, and as a result, a positive impact on the broader community. With this new workshop in place, students were able to stare down the barrel of their new opportunities and breathe a little easier knowing they have the tools necessary to succeed.